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Discussion on: ⚡10 Vim + VSCode tips that will supercharge your productivity

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Andreas Stamataris

Great article James! I think the gifs help illustrate the value of some vim combinations like ci.

I also get the feeling that your usage of an IDE/editor/whatever is closer to mine so I wanted to ask.

1) What made you want to learn vim? Do you feel the appeal of not using a mouse?

Personally, having tried vim 3-4 times now (for more than a week each time), I don't see the appeal.
For example, you mentioned vim easy motion to move to an exact location.
2)Have you found that to be much quicker/efficient than a mouse? Or even better a track pad? Shall I give it another go with easy motion?

3) Do you refrain yourself from using VSCode commands like duplicating lines etc?

Thanks for your time 😃

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James Baldwin Author • Edited

Thanks! Glad they helped, spent too long making them haha.

Hmm good questions:

1) Every couple of months I try to learn/do something that makes me faster and more productive, this time it was dedicating myself to vim. I do a lot of work on my laptop and had just spent a couple of months relearning how to touch type at about 80-90wpm and it seemed like the next frontier. Basically - I wanted to only type, every time my hand moved to my mouse I break my flow just a little bit.

I definitely am not a diehard Vim user. I don't think it's for everyone. However the obstacles I had in previous attempts were all addressed by a combination of: much better typing, VSCode environment (can't see myself using pure vim, it is way too useful and pleasing), plugins like easymotion, and the keybind jj (no joke).

2) I think I felt faster in about 4 days. I really forced myself to use it, I disconnected my mouse avoided the track-pad like the plague. The first couple days I spent configuring + googling every time something felt slow in vim. Now I'd say I'm about 1.5x faster than using a mouse or keypad! Easymotion is honestly amazing, I use the other vim motions too, but moving through files with it makes using a mouse feel clunky.

3) Nope! I like to combine the two, it's where I feel most productive. The VSCode commands I use the most are cmd + p, and cmd + d (duplicate cursor) which works with vim!

Reach out if you have any other questions, or if you give it another go I'd love to hear your progress!

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Andreas Stamataris

Thanks for answering my questions! 😁

I might try again but this time with easy-motion.

Personally I found vscode vim plugin quite laggy but I've had no issues with this extension