Hi, I'm Aleksey Pirogov

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main = putStrLn "Hello dev.to()"

I have been coding for 20 years.

You can find me on Twitter (@alex_pir) and GitHub (astynax).

I live in Moscow, Russia.

I work for Typeable.io.

I mostly program in these languages: Haskell and Elm.

I am currently learning more about advanced Haskell stuff, UX, gamedev.

Nice to meet you!

Version: 3.12
GE/CS/L/IT d-(x) s:+ a C++ w t+
L+++> E r+++ M-(--) Y+ 5++ e+++
X++ !tv b++ D++ W++ R? PGP-(++)
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Really like functional programming (especially Haskell and some other members of ML-family!). I'm always ready to talk about FP and show it's power and beauty :)