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Discussion on: How to Create PDF Documents with Django in 2019

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Florian Dollinger • Edited

Thank you for this article!

There are some minor things that could be improved for beginners:

1) Looks like you forgot to import get_object_or_404
2) Would be nice if you would tell the reader where the code is meant to be located (view, urls, ...)
3) Is it possible to separate the CSS from HTML? {% static ... %} doesn't seem to work

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Aidas Bendoraitis Author

Good catch! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll update the article sooner or later.

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I was just working on something similar. My two cents on the questions above.

2) Create a new file, such as, and put all the code there. You can then either import it in your or use directly as a view in (assuming you define a function that takes request as parameter).
3) It is possible to use static files by using a custom url_fetcher. Or just use django-weasyprint module, as that takes care of it for you.