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Discussion on: Why you should be a "Night Owl"

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Austin French Author

It's a bit presumptuous to assume you have any characteristics I don't because of our circadian rhythms being different.

There have been GREAT people who were night owls. Obama, Carl Jung...

We also have to consider perhaps on the reasons we might have "night owls". Our very distant ancestors were nocturnal. Perhaps we have vestigial night owls because of that.

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Matthieu Cneude

What I regret the most with Internet is the difficulty to be ironic.

I'm sorry. My post was a total joke. I don't think anybody is better because they work the morning. It's a false debate which has no sense to me.

What I think is: learn to know how you work and don't listen to anybody telling you how to do stuff without experimenting for yourself.

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Austin French Author

This! lol.

Yes, that was my goal with the post. Whatever works for anyone is exactly what they should be doing!

I mean, I knew spaces over tabs just had to be a joke ;)