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Atlas Talisman
Atlas Talisman

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Hello World

I am here to participate in the decentralised, co-creation of the Metaverse. A world that is modular and composable. Interoperable and integrated.

I believe in designing systems inspired by biomimicry. Symbiotic solutions are sustainable. SolarPunk is sexy.

Am here to both inspire and be inspired.

My background is as a Creative Director, working in both tech and community building. My chosen life path is as a game designer. I see it as being an architect of reality.

I am an apprentice, but am willing to walk a thousand miles and ten thousand hours to bring something of worth to humanity.

Sharing the learnings on the journey through the 'Games Without Borders' podcast.

I'm the director of Open World Theatre, I agree with Shakespeare - that all the world's a stage.

I design systems of play and tools to explore the chaos of the unknown.

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