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Discussion on: Choosing PHP in 2018

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Ali Turki

At our company we use PHP and Symfony on a daily basis.. the framework is so awesome and so weel thaught thst we decided to settle for Symfony for of our applications. Doctrine (the defacto ORM/ODM) has an excellent support for relational and non relational DBs. As a result, we are actually working on a set of bundles (like a zero conf admin generator) that improve the framework capabilites out of the box. In my case, nothing to complain about in thr PHP ecosystem (except maybe the $ sign. But that's a matter of personal taste)

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Doctrine tries to support everything, but has several issues since not all DB supports certain features. Cross db foreign keys are not support, and IIRC there's an issue with date/time type columns defaults of null(?). The last one, there's an easy work around. The first one, there is a code mod you can do, but modding the library will end up with issues later on when you want to upgrade.

I actually like the '$' variable prefix.

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Rémy 🤖

I didn't think I'd take the defense of Doctrine one day but in the case of cross-DB foreign key the reason is pretty simple: it makes no sense at all.

Maybe your application can't get around it but if you ask me, solving this at ORM level is like the most convoluted and misleading way of doing it. Just saying.

You'd better treat it as an external service like an API or something in that mood...

Just my 2 cents