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Aubrey Portwood
Aubrey Portwood

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Getting Sublime Text modal

So last night I enabled Vintage mode in Sublime via a package called NeoVintageous and this evening I've disabled NeoVintageous and have enabled Sublime's built-in Vintage mode with vintage_ctrl_keys on instead.

The reason is, after a day of NeoVintageous, I find I don't really need Ex mode stuff (beyond :w which I just like for parity with Vim) because I don't really want that experience. I don't want Vim. I just want to edit text in a (modal) language for productivity.

I wanted goto line :# which I thought I could only get from NeoVintageous (as it doesn't work in Vintage), but turns out I forgot you can #G to get to a line too.

I'm not looking for Vim (or I would just use Vim), or a Vim emulation; I still want the GUI, native, macOS experience. I don't want to feel like I'm running Vim, but I do want modal editing! I am really more-looking for Sublime + modality, not necessarily Sublime + Vim.

Hopefully Vintage is the way to go here. So far I have been enjoying remembering all the motions, I might even be re-visiting vim-tutor for a refresher. I used Vim for four years in the past and I've forgotten so much! I'm not super productive yet (having to Google here-and-there for motions and trying not to cheat).

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