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What does everyone plan to learn in web development this year?

John Au-Yeung on January 06, 2020

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I'll be spending my time attempting to master React and learning about websockets 😁 how about you?


Same! Websockets look awesome and using seems great. Hopefully I can come up with a cool app idea using them so I can learn more.


That sounds good. Looks like it's something worth looking into.


I'm really excited about using websockets to build collaborative apps. I've only ever built 'real-time' stuff on the backend

It's pretty cool to see stuff update live.


I am looking deeper into JavaScript and popular frameworks.

I don't know where to go after that. Definitely looking for some suggestions.


I've heard a lot of good things about Svelte. And the REPL on their website is great for trying it out
All the best!

Thanks. Looks like it's worth a try.


I definitely need to start looking into newer features in React, but I'd also like to start learning some typescript as it seems to be hugely up-and-coming!


The latest React feature are hooks. Are there anything else new that I may have missed?

TypeScript is good.


I wanted to look into portals too, however I don't think that that is particularily new

Yea I didn't know that existed. It's interesting at least.


I plan to learn about serverless and cloud computing, but to be honest I am more exciting about learning IOT.


Anything specific you're looking into?


I wish to learn developing web with laravel or cake-php


Learning Django framework and knowing how to upload projects in platforms such as Heroku, pythonanywhere, docker, etc


Django's nice. Not too hard to learn. And it has an admin to make creating fake data easier.


Plan to learn vanilla Javascript and Ruby on Rails. Yes, in this day and age.


Rails is nice. Its inspired many other frameworks because it's expressive.

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