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I've been wondering about a similar thing for some time. So let me ask you:

Is it better to have your own url (hence own blog) in the CV?

isaaclyman.com/blog looks more pro than dev.to/isaacandsuch, right?

(We all love dev.to but as a potential employer that doesn't need to be aware of dev.to)

Just asking because I've been thinking of hosting my own blog, I've created it and everything but I can not be bothered having to maintain it. Hitting publish here is just easier than pushing to whatever platform then coming back here and doing it again.

I'll probably end up doing so, as everyone seems to be doing it, but letting the dev team take care of the hosting seems simple for the moment.

Great advice btw.

Oh, also, where do you get those statistics for dev.to, is that a feature I don't know about


It is a bit of a hassle to cross-post, unfortunately. But I think both options are relatively impressive. I mean, most devs don't blog at all. So while having your own hosted site proves that you know how to build and deploy a website, I think a link to dev.to is just fine.


Thanks, that's what I thought.

Maybe I edited the comment after you read it, I was wondering, where are we able to see the number of views here? (you added them on your CV)

I see them on dev.to/dashboard. I think it's a perk of being a paid member of the community: dev.to/settings/membership.

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