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Getting My Enterphone to Work with Nexmo and

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I’ve recently moved to Toronto. Moving to the big city meant for me to move from a house into a condo tower. For the first time, I actually had an Enterphone to let my guests into the building.

I moved here from the Ottawa area, which meant that my old phone number is technically a long-distance call. Now I didn’t want to change my phone number because I have 2FA enabled on most of my web accounts that will let me use it. Long distance fees don’t really exist on cell phones anymore but the problem is that the system they use for the Enterphone in my building cannot dial long distance numbers.

Another limitation that the system had is that we can only have one entry in the system. While this is usually okay for most people, between my work as a technical evangelist and my wife who is a flight attendant, there are many times when there is only one of us at home.

With all of that in mind, our building manager suggested that we get a basic landline that we could use only for the Enterphone.

Sure, but what’s the fun in that?

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Getting My Enterphone to Work with Nexmo and

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