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Integrate Allure Reporter in WebdriverIO

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Allure allows you to generate beautiful test reports that can be easily be integrated with WebdriverIO. Let's take a look at how to do that:


npm install @wdio/allure-reporter --save-dev


exports.config = {
    // ...
    reporters: [['allure', {
    // test results will generate in the directory mentioned below
        outputDir: 'allure-results', 
    // ...

Run tests

npx wdio - This will generate a new directory allure-results containing all the test results as a bunch of JSON files

Display the report

To display the report, you need to first install Allure command line tool - npm install -g allure-commandline --save-dev.

Once installed run the following command to process the results - allure generate allure-results && allure open

This will open up a new browser window and will display all the results in a beautiful HTML format. 🙌

Check out this video to see a detailed explanation on how to generate and customize Allure reports:

To learn more about WebdriverIO, check out my free tutorial series here -


I hope this post helped you out, let me know in the comments below!

Happy testing! 😄


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