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Discussion on: ✔||🤢 Commit or Vomit | function currying 🍛

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Aldwin Vlasblom

As a user of Sanctuary (the more opionated and strict alternative to Ramda), I use almost exclusively curried functions. To make this style of programming more readable, I use the coding style described here:

It may seem jarring at first, but after working with it for some time you might find yourself like me, unwilling to go back; Turns out having each argument between parens makes multi-cursor editing a bliss: editors always have great support for parens-based selection and jumping and stuff. But more importantly, the utility gained from being able to use composition and other function combinators is huge.

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🐤🥇 Jasper de Jager Author

Thanks for sharing!

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Aldwin Vlasblom • Edited

Applying the style mentioned above, your snippet would look like:

const multiply = a => b => c => a * b * c
console.log (multiply (1) (2) (3)) // 6
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It's a minor change, but for many that breathing room makes all the difference, especially in larger bodies of code.