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AMA with Clément Salaün, Founder of Formance

*Integrating payments has become an integral part of product building for projects and companies. Although there’re payments processors and different methods to do it, an integration that’s easy to use and customize has become a much needed use case recently.

Aviyel is organising an AMA with one of the best open-source ledger integration projects Formance. We will be joined by their Founder, Clément Salaün as we talk about their journey on building the open source modular foundation for unique payment flows.

What’s Formance ?

Formance Ledger lets you model and record complex money movements, helping you accelerate your business operations. Build financial dashboards, deliver payments to your marketplace partners, and accurately track revenue across your entire operation.

About the Speaker

Clément Salaün is a passionate developer involved in the fintech space with a high paced career in a relatively short period of time and is now the Founder of Formance, a Y-Combinator backed ledger tech startup.

Join us on September 14th, as we talk about The Open Source Modular Payments Flow startup.

Block your seats here:

Wouldn’t be able to make it? Feel free to drop the questions you have in the discussion thread below!

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