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Live Event: Static Analysis using MobSF by Edem Gold!

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Coding & Coffee ☕️ is an exclusive up-skilling series for developers. We feature tutorials, live coding sessions, Q&A’s featuring some of the fastest growing Open Source projects out there.

This session will be hosted by Edem Gold, an Aviyel creator who has been working closely with the MobSF community.

Why should you join?

-> Hands-on experience of working with a dynamic open source project MobSF, learn how to install MobSF, a free & open source project for mobile application testing.

-> Learn the difference between Static & dynamic analysis in Mobile application testing.

-> Bombard speakers with your questions to dive deep into open source technology (and maybe start a full-time career)

-> Run Static analysis on leading mobile apps used globally and become a Mobile security expert.

Mark your Calendar: 📆

Time- Sep 23rd: 7:00 PM IST

#Join here 📌

PS: The session is free, but your pre-event confirmation is required. Confirm your presence by registering today.

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Building in the open. 🚩

Ajin Abraham started MobSF mainly to counteract the time-consuming and cumbersome overheads in setting up and maintaining a mobile application testing environment.

MobSF supports mobile app binaries (APK, IPA & APPX) along with zipped source code and provides REST APIs for seamless integration with your CI/CD or DevSecOps pipeline. The Dynamic Analyser helps you to perform runtime security assessment and interactive instrumented testing.

MobSF can be hosted on local environments so that the sensitive data doesn't interact with the cloud environment. With MobSF, mobile app test environments could be set up easily on all three major platforms, i.e. Android, iOS, and Windows.

Join the Open source revolution! ✨

Team Aviyel

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