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re: Why my project sucks ? At the end of project VIEW POST


I developed a project using Angular and Firebase, my idea was to go with something relational database, but client insist to use fire base - as he showed me that most of business using firebase with flexible payment subscription model, we choose pay as you go and save a lot of money.
Though I explain client that firebase is usually used for real time applications but client way is highway, so I start working on it.
In two weeks I somehow completed the first beta release of the web app with great user experience and client was really happy with the end result.
We sit together and had a screen share call on skype, client suggested so many new features and modules.
The architecture was somehow chosen for the initial requirements, but scaling the application on later stage and adding new modules All went messy and I am now re writing the whole application in relation database, and changing the deployment server from firebase hosting to something else.

Do you know any good hosting provider for NodeJS-Express-Mysql-Angular?

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