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How to Manage Apartment Water Reading by Online System

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Manage Apartment Water Reading

Save time managing water and waste water with simple scheduling and streamlined reporting. This app enables you to fix any water issue you might have anywhere in the world. The Water Bill App will help you with water maintenance billing.

Simplify your water permit activities and ensure process consistency and data integrity by save all of your permits related information in one central, web-based location.
water management can be applied by contractors or water supplier to decrease water costs and efficiently allow water by maintaining grade support users see a change in yields, water usage, and farm productivity.

Online Panel

Water Bills App Features:

  1. Email Registration & Login
  2. Forgot Password & Resend Email
  3. Home screen with count all bills
  4. Listing of Due Water
  5. Bill of Customer
  6. Detail of Water Billing
  7. Navigation Drawer Menu
  8. Filter Water Bill (By Bill No., Date, Payment Status)
  9. Customer Bill Reporting
  10. Push Notification of Bill
  11. Enquiry Page to Send Message
  12. View Customer Enquiry
  13. About us Terms and & Conditions
  14. Customer Profile with Update
  15. Mobile Responsive Web Admin Panel
  16. Firebase Google Integration
  17. Custom Sweet Dialog
  18. Update Login Security

App Sample on Play Store

Admin Panel Demo

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