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digital yearbook


code for the project

Me, and a bunch of my highschool friends (see the list of contributers on GitHub) made a vritual yearbook!


  • register for an account (we have some cool "security stuff" like sending verification codes via email, and hashing passwords, and not letting people do script injections)
  • modify account (password reset, update photo or quote)
  • see where people are going to go to college
  • see the main yearbook, which displays everyone's pictures and quotes
  • send people messages
  • view your messages


We used python (Flask) for the backend. Basically we had to create accounts for users with name, email, college they're going to go to, senior quote, and a yearbook picture.
We used bootstrap to help out with the front-end web development.

We set up our project on a little digital ocean droplet, and actually got our school to use it!

cool stuff

I learned a lot of really cool stuff from working on this project. Here are some of the highlights:

  • It's really easy to set up a digital ocean server. Except you have to have a credit card even though it's going to be free. (Dang.)
  • Flask's sessions are super cool! My understanding of them is that you can cache user data on their computer. So like you can keep someone logged in even if they visit separate pages.
  • Flex-boxes are pretty awesome.

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