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re: Yes exactly. I still know the alphabet, can still read and understand a few words, but mostly have no clue what I'm reading. 😂😂 I can still speak s...

Now I'm wondering if computer language is the same in that regard too.

Recognizing and remembering bits, I guess it is.

Did you ever get into Korean cinema? I watched a fair number of films, but at over 2 hours long when Hollywood was still putting out 90 minute movies, they weren't easy watching.

Yeah I'd say it's similar. Also weird how all these languages try to be different and wind up the same because the way to solve problems are the same(Looking at you, for loop in almost every language) lol. Yep I've watched a lot of korean films, anime etc. Wound up marrying a Korean (who doesnt speak a lick of it, lol).

Really?? You could always have taught your spouse. hehe

Funny how life is unpredictable.

I moved to China, met my Filipino partner and we ended up in Spain. (That's the quick less "funny" version)

I've taught her some. We've been talking about learning it together, probably start that soon. I have so much on my plate right now lol.

I forgot the bit about how we met through our interest in Korean culture.

Yeah, my Spanish is taking a back seat to web development right now.

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