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Summary of my recently published and upcoming talks

I have created account long ago and have planned few posts. To start with thought of enlisting some of my recently published and upcoming talks. Hoping to start my journey soon. Until then enjoy some of my content!

Just a quick summary :

  1. I just completed my very first Twitch series Let's Ship it with AWS. We built a web application from basics - creating an AWS Account, to using the AWS primitives like VPC, EC2, RDS, etc. We also talked about Cost, Scalability, Data Strategies, High-Availability, Fault-Tolerance, Disaster Recovery, and more in 6 EPISODES only. If you are new to AWS cloud, this maybe a good quick crash course to get you upto speed. All you need is here - Landing Page Let’s Ship It β€” with AWS

  2. It was so much fun working with Ridhima Kapoor and Suman Debnath to bring a fun, awesomeness packed AWS Women in Tech Community Edition. We had 15 women leaders talking tech + non-tech. This live event was such an amazing experience for everyone! I moderated panel with amazing esteemed women leaders at AWS on How to think like a leader and had a tech session on Application integration patterns for microservices [Level 200]. Do checkout the videos on AWS User Group India's YouTube Channel Playlist

  3. I delivered a 2hr Workshop for the 8th NASSCOM Annual Technology Conference on Build Well-Architected Multi-Tier App on AWS. You can watch the conference recordings via their platform [Day 2, Parallel Workshop 1] I also showcased the AWS Well-Architected Labs in this session.


  1. Open Source India (Oct 7 & 8 ) - Based on feedback from our previous engagements, we have a special AWS track this year that focusses on OpenSource at AWS. Do join us! Register here.

  2. AWS Innovate Online Conference - Modern Applications Edition (Oct 27 & 28 ). Register here.

    • Day 1 - Core concepts & Fundamentals, Session levels: 100-300. My session - Increase availability with AWS observability solutions (Level 200)
    • Day 2 -Advanced tech & Hands-on, Session levels: 300-400. My session - Reliability, consistency, and confidence through immutability (Level 300)

Also, do check out the most awaited event, AWS Community Day South Asia 2021 (22nd & 23rd Oct 2021). With the combined power of AWS User Groups in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, we are back with a bang to host the event, unveiling success stories, use cases & much more from industry leaders. Register here.

Of course, there's more in the pipeline πŸ˜„ and will announce as it happens. Until then enjoy and go build!! Happy learning.

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