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Believe in your work, not in the libraries

Axel Espinosa
Hi there ✌. I'm Axel Espinosa from Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½. A Backend Developer trying to share some of his expirience in this community and on his Youtube channel. ⭐
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Hey Devs, I hope you all are doing great!

It just passes a long time since my first blog see the lights and I just come back with more content.

Everything starts with a technical challenge I did the last week. The company I applied for asked me to create an API and the requirements asked me to use NestJS or Node with Typescript.

So I chose NestJS 'cause it's amazing 🀩 haha.

A requirement asked me to use MySQL as the database so I just read the NestJS docs and I downloaded Sequelize to handle the connection, table creation, models, and so on. At this point, my app ran perfectly before I wrote the code needed to integrate Sequelize.

So, I wrote the code to integrate Sequelize and I ran npm run start:dev to start the app but when I did that. Β‘BOOMπŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸš’! Call 911 guys. Everything broke down.

I started to read the docs again to see if I have written something wrong or so but I couldn't find anything wrong in my code, so what's the problem?πŸ€”

I went to sleep hoping tomorrow I'll find the error. It's tomorrow and I started to debug my code. Again I couldn't find any error in my code because I followed the docs and it was everything all right.

So I was about to perform "La rendicion" but I said to myself - No!, your code is written well, there's nothing wrong with it, go and google it 'cause you just spent many hours figuring out what's happening -.

So I went and googled it. And to my surprise the same error I had, many developers were facing. There's an issue open with the error I was facing on GitHub and in it, the people give you a workaround to fix the problem temporally. So I was glad to see that on GitHub.

To end this post as a happy story, I just want to say that It never cross my mind to look for the error on GitHub and I was doubting my skills as a dev, and I know that many others at some point have felt this.

So the important takeaway message from this is that you should trust your work and not rely blindly on the libraries you're using on your project. πŸ˜‹

Well Devs, this is it for today. I hope you can find something valuable in this post.

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P.S.: English is my second language, if you find any errors you can tell me and I'll be glad to fix them.

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Afshar Mohebi

Sometimes you are in hurry and want just something that works. Sometimes you are just evaluating something. Most other times, your approach work great and is joyful. When you use something you master it, you enjoy it as well.