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Discussion on: How Dev Bootcamps Are Failing Their Students

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Okay so I will share my experience even if it is not completely a bootcamp on webdev.
Three years ago, I got a job in a company that was recruiting people out of scientific courses left and right to teach and employ them as software developer. Not specifically in web.
The contract was that we would have 2 months of learning programming and then we would stay in the company to gain experience.
The big difference here is that we were sure to have a job, and the company needed us to be efficient and able to learn and adapt quickly. It was the main goal of the course (and the main focus of the recruitment). And I believe it is what made the learning course so efficient.
We were taught to learn, and learn fast. We learned the basics from the inner workings of a computer, and worked from here. Installed a VM with Linux, learned to work with Shell, SQL, Java (the language being so... wordy is great to retain the basics) with only a text editor then learned Java with Eclipse then J2E, including HTML/CSS. We learned some basics algorithms, data structures, Object-oriented programming,... in a way that we had to learn by ourselves and work a lot (from learning to search for the right ressources, to learn to help and get help, and retain the most important informations)
I may not have learned JS that time, but when I had to learned it for a job later on, I was equiped and able to learn and work on a NodeJS project really quickly. I have since completely shifted to JavaScript and I have continued to learn as much as I can to improve.
Now I have learned a lot more and been a web dev since more than two years. I have feel like I have hurt a wall on what I can learn alone. I have been looking for a new job (that I finally found :) ) to have a mentor to guide me.
The bootcamp has set solid foundations for something that has last just 2 months. And I have been able to use the skills I had before. Now I can continue to improve and enjoy my career if I choose the right job in the right conditions.
My case is not a generality at all (no one's is) but I think that the most important things to earn from it is that we must do what we can with whatever ressources we have. But we must learn to search for those ressources (like for example, I have so much because of this amazing community).