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5 Helpful Python Math Module Methods

Hi, my name is Aya Bouchiha, today, we are going to discuss 5 methods from the math module that you will probably use in your next project!

If you are a javascript developer, I recommend to you this article:


math.floor(): rounds a number down to the nearest integer.

import math

print(math.floor(2.3)) # 2
print(math.floor(1.89)) # 1
print(math.floor(7.5)) # 7
print(math.floor(-10.14)) # -11
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math.ceil() rounds a number up to the next largest integer.

import math

print(math.ceil(2.3)) # 3
print(math.ceil(1.89)) # 2
print(math.ceil(7.5)) # 8
print(math.ceil(-10.14)) # -10

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math.trunc(): returns the integer part of a number by deleting any fractional digits.

If you're confiused with math.trunc(), math.floor() and math.ceil(), you need to know that math.trunc() plays exactly the role of math.floor() when the giving number is positive, and It play the role of math.ceil() if the giving number is negative.

import math

print(math.trunc(0.000000000000000001)) # 0
print(math.trunc(2.5)) # 2
print(math.trunc(8.999999999999999999)) # 9
print(math.trunc(-7.8)) # -7
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math.sqrt(): returns the square root of the giving positive number.

import math

print(math.sqrt(4)) # 2.0
print(math.sqrt(25)) # 5.0
print(math.sqrt(100)) # 10.0
print(math.sqrt(16)) # 4.0
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math.degrees(): this method returns the degrees of a given angle in radians.

import math

pi = math.pi 

print(math.degrees(1)) # 57.29577951308232
print(math.degrees(pi)) # 180.0
print(math.degrees(pi / 2)) # 90.0
print(math.degrees(pi / 4)) # 45.0

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Hope you enjoyed reading this post, Have a nice day!

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