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Discussion on: The Most Important Non-Programming Skills for Programmers

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azphillipse • Edited

Good morning Ali,

I loved your article and the passion that you put out there for others to read on how people should be treated in any job. As a Former production manager turned SEO specialist and excited to learn more on how to code. I learned from first hand how people get into a hurry while others are trying to learn what they are doing as a new jog and Not giving enough time to practice or adjust to the new position. While being as quick as possible.

As I learn more about how I can be more effective in my job new business SEO Specialist owner. I am having to learn to slow down and be more patient and that is hard for me at times and for others that want a quick result to the problem of getting a business off the ground while trying to get a new job after getting laid off again.

Ali... what is the best program to learn and for new career possibility's as well. Even for someone that played around in learning to program when BASIC (Commodore era) programming was the thing?

All the topics that you covered in this post were something that needed to be addressed quickly while having a passion for others. Thank you and hope we can talk more...

Shane Phillips
Owner of