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AzureFunBytes - Episode 2 - Azure Active Directory with Phoummala Schmitt - @ExchangeGoddess

jaydestro profile image Jay Gordon ・2 min read

AzureFunBytes - A Twitch show on how to use all the fundamentals that are Microsoft Azure.

I am joined by Phoummala Schmitt to discuss Azure AD, Governance, food and dogs. We cover Azure Active Directory and solve three problems using it.

How do I create an Active Directory tenant on Azure?

Phoummala and I discuss a TV show I really enjoyed called DEVS. We talk about the fictional company Amaya's need for an active directory to store information and logins of the characters on the show

How do I move my spreadsheet of users into Azure Active Directory?

Our fictional company, Amaya currently has it's employees in an excel sheet. We need to build add our employees, their roles and departments into Azure Active directory. We'll also ensure that every user has a password to login by default so they can create a new one.

How do I ensure my Azure AD users have the right permissions?

Forrest works in DEVS, Lilly in InfoSec and Kenton is in Corporate Security. Each role at the company will require their own role within Azure Active Directory to ensure that once people are authenticated, they only access resources their role permits.

We take questions and gives you a start with procedures to deploy a new AD tenant.

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