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AzureFunBytes Episode 31 - Agile Development with @AbelSquidHead

Is DevOps Agile? Is Agile DevOps? Wait a sec... what is Agile? That's the question we'll answer this week on AzureFunBytes. Every week we try to tackle a subject that covers the foundations of using Azure. This week we'll look into Agile Development with none other than the rock god and Principal Cloud Advocate, Abel Wang.

Software development has come a long way, with new languages, new tools, and tons of processes for us to follow to deliver value to our customers. Agile development focuses on the delivery of features to our users by focusing on smaller, collaborative efforts. Unlike methods such as waterfall, we're not just delivering everything in one day. We can ship almost every day, several times a day, rather than that one giant release every quarter.

Abel will take us through some of the basics and explain who, what, when, where, and why of Agile Development!

Learn about Azure fundamentals with me! Watch live on Microsoft LearnTV every week and take part in the live Q&A and polls right from the browser! Live stream is available on Twitch at 2 pm EST Thursdays. You can also find the recordings here as well:

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