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Inspiring stories: Eva Pardi

As a society we tend to focus on titles and roles, we tend to forget that behind each title there is a person, a person who has a story to tell and every person’s story is unique.
In honor of International Women's day, we are interviewing inspiring women from our community who are going to share the story of how they got into Tech and how they got to where they are today.

In this post, I am interviewing Eva Pardi who is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Meet Eva Pardi

Eva Pardi

My name is Eva Pardi, working full time at Laerdal as a Data Analyst. In my free time I often write articles, mentor women in tech, speak at conferences about data science and artificial intelligence. My main interest is to save lives and support humanity with the help of intelligent data solutions. My aim is to make people understand how AI affects our lives, how to use and control intelligent services, instead of being afraid of such technologies.

When did you first become interested in technology and what sparked this interest?
There was a guy in secondary school who attended extra programming classes after school. I thought it was a new challenge, a great opportunity, so I also signed up for this course. It was like magic, and love at first sight – I mean, with the code I wrote. It was an awesome feeling to write some words, and see it changing the world.

What education do you have?
After secondary school, I went to university in Hungary, and studied Software Engineering (BSc), while gaining outstanding knowledge in the field of electronics, physics, FPGA, and process control. I got an opportunity to study in Denmark for an exchange semester. I loved this whole new world so much that I ended up graduating from Computer Science (AP) at KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology after two years.
In addition to that, I also finished the top-up for this course: Software Developer (BSc). It was a huge achievement that I finished my studies half as much time as others.

While I was going to university, I also got certified by Microsoft in Data Science, Machine Learning and Cloud computing.

Now that I’m working full time, I keep studying every day about data solutions and AI, as in this field – and in most of the technological areas – the news today is only history tomorrow.

Describe your way towards your first job in tech; how did you land this job?
Fun fact: I started my career towards the end of secondary school when I managed to become an admin of a website that was in the style of social networks. I started there as a user, who had the ambition to make things better. Shortly after, I became a moderator and then an admin. This involved a lot of communication with users, support them if there were any problems with the service, and we also often wrote code to improve parts of the site.

Do you have any role models that influenced you?
Once I had the chance to attend the MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) Summit, where I met a woman in tech, who talked about how to build your own brand and how to be motivating to others. On that day she inspired me, and she convinced me about what my next steps would be.

Who were/are the biggest supporters in your career?
My biggest supporter is Dr. Árpád Csík, who is a professor in mathematics. He believed in me so much, that he selected me to participate in an event where I had a chance to meet the Hungarian Microsoft team. The event went well, so I became a member of the Hungarian Microsoft Student Partner team.

Tell us more about your current job – e.g. what do you like most about your role?
I work at Laerdal as a Software Developer in the Analytics team, in the Copenhagen office. The team is amazing, they are very flexible and open-minded for new changes and new ways. I get a lot of support from my team and my managers, which motivates me to study and by that to improve my work continuously.
I’m doing data engineering, which requires vast knowledge about the data, and it is unbelievable how much I’ve learned since I work there. Different tools, cloud services, programming languages, data cleaning, and transforming techniques, and a lot more.

What does your typical day look like?
I have my daily routine that is quite flexible with my workplace. After finishing all my duties in the office, I prepare myself for the next day’s challenges and tasks, and then I like to enjoy my daily break.

What do you do in your free time?
I love to do some workout, to keep myself fit and healthy. I try to keep in touch with my friends as much as possible, as our sparkling conversations are beneficial for my life. I also love to visit different countries and meet different cultures to find the best way to touch the whole world.

What advice would you give to women and girls who dream about a career in tech?
The most important thing for you in life is to find something that interests you and that you're passionate about.
As with everything, there are good parts and bad parts, but I want you to realize that this is a beautiful profession.
The reason for this article is to show you that I’m happy in this life and that I had a lot of chances to develop myself.

So never give up fighting, and I wish that you reach all of your goals because you can also do it! 😊

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