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Airgeddon : A complete module for wifi hacking, Dauth attack and many more

Airgeddon is the framework created by v1s1tor which consists whole some of airmon-ng, airodump-ng, aireplay-ng and many more and is most easy to operate and work with.


Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purpose any thing you do with this knowledge is in your own hands and I am not completely responsible for any harm you do, so be Good boy and Good girl and do this at your own risk or on your own wifi network.

In parrot os , kali linux this comes originally with the Os but if you don't have you can then start a terminal and type

$sudo apt-get install airgeddon-ng

This will install airgeddon framework to your pc.

Now type:

$sudo airgeddon
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Now as you have entered to airgeddon.

You neee to select the interface of network you are in the list of insterfaces usually are:

  1. eth0 for one's on ethernet connection
  2. wlan0 for one's on wireless connection
  3. wlan1 if external adapter is connected else will not be shown

enter 1 /2/.. as per you are in.
This interface is required to be selected so that your adapter chip can goto monitor mode to scan available wifi with their channels , mac address, etc.

Now select the number :
(2) which says set in monitor mode

As you select monitor mode you can notice you lose your wifi connection just after you are in monitor mode .This signify that your chipset is available for monitor mode.

Now select option (5) for Handshake tools.

Now select the option by entering number associated with it saying _ Capture handshake _ (i.e is option 5)

Select the option saying Explore for targets

and as you do you can notice that a screen automatically opens up scanning nearby wifi display bssid, essid, channel, etc.

After you get handful of networks shown press ctrl+c to stop.

Now select the wifi on which you want to do the wifi attack by pressing the number associated with it.

When you enter various options of attack is listed just select any one of them for now select number 1. Now after enter a time limit of attack is required you to enter yo can just press enter for default time of 20 sec be set and now just wait.

Be patient until the work ends saying Captured handsharke and further it asks you to enter the location you want to save, let's save it in Desktop.

Now return back to main screen as you saw when first getting into airgeddon, on terminal by pressing 0 until you reach. Select the option saying offline dictionary attack. Drag the location of the captured handshake file and drop in the terminal, again drag the password list of .txt format and drop it. Press enter.

Now the waiting starts. Let the waiting patience be a good fruit until the correct password for that particular wifi is matched with the handshake capture.

Don't worry if it didn't crack the right one, try a different password list. It's all a game of patience.

P.s The password txt is already present in parrot and kali Os you can find it on wordlist present on root folder or else you can download a txt file called Darkc0de.txt its a 15 gb size file to test the password on your captured handshake.

Happy hacking. _x_

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