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Magisk : A better way to root your phone than SuperSU

Magisk comes with great features than SuperSU. Moreover update for SuperSU has been haulted for long time. The rise of Magisk is indeed the neccessity.

Magisk has both feature for giving you a systemless super user access and flashing useful modules. That means any change you make on rooting doesn't permanently replace your device original system. 😊 So, you are safe from every side.

I'm going to explain two ways to install magisk

1st method : for those who have already have root permission (i.e have rooted phone)

2nd method : for those who have twrp or cwm installed , don't worry if you don't, I have a next blog about how to flash twrp in your device. Just go down this article on 2nd method and see there .

Method 1st:

Installing Magisk:

At first install Magisk manager appfrom here.

Install the application, and you might get an unknown source warning. You need to turn on Unknown Sources to turn it on, click on _ **“Settings”** _.

Now, just scroll down and toggle on _ **“Unknown Sources.”_**

Now, try to repeat the installation process again. Try installing the application and open it.

If you have already installed the Chainfire SuperSU on your device, then you need to grant the root permission.

(note: now a a magisk zip need to be downloaded , dont worry just open the app just downloaded and follow the instructions below)

Now, click on the _ **_Install button** _ to install the magisk on your device._

If you will click on Install button you will see that it will ask you to select method.

Just click on _ _Direct Install _ _if you want to directly install the file on your phone without using custom recovery on your phone, or you can click on Download Zip File Only

Now, if the download is the done. Magisk Manager will automatically install the file on your phone.

If you have clicked on Download Zip File only then you will see that a file is downloaded, it will ask you to Reboot your phone. Reboot your phone and then open the magisk manager application.

Now, you have successfully installed magisk on your phone.

Method 2nd:

For those who have twrp/cwm custom recovery flashed already in their devices.

If you want to know how to flash twrp you can go to my next blog about twrp. After you have flashed custom recovery we may proceed now.

Install magisk zip file from here and save it in your memory internal or external.

Reboot your phone to recovery mode that is by

pressing vol.up+power or those who have home button also they need to press vol.up+home+power.

After twrp loads goto install and select the zip file of magisk just downloaded from the place it is stored and swip right to flash.

After flashing complete reboot to system.

Now download the magisk manager app.

As per the instructions given above do the same.

There you go you have systemless root manager and module flasher 😊. Happy flashing. _x_

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