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DevBook Social Media App build with flutter and appwrite [Update]

Overview of My Submission

I created social media app called devbook using flutter and appwrite. I found appwrite is a firebase alternative ,so i tried to build app with it.

Submission Category:

Mobile Moguls

Link to Code


A new Flutter project.

Getting Started


  • Built on GetX Architecture Pattern
  • Authentication using Email
  • Users can send text to users
  • User can create post
  • Users can view other Profiles(See their bio and pictur
  • realtime chat list
  • realtime message
  • users can comments
  • users can like
  • users can send image,file,video
  • handle permission with cloud function for chat

Setting up appwrite project



Appwrite backend server is designed to run in a container environment. Running your server is as easy as running one command from your terminal. You can either run Appwrite on your localhost using docker-compose or on any other container orchestration tool like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm or Rancher.

The easiest way to start running your Appwrite server is by running our docker-compose file. Before running the installation command make sure you have Docker installed on your machine:


docker run -it --rm \
    --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    --volume "
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Note I hosted appwrite on single core vps.It will be slow!!!!

Additional Resources / Info

DevBook Image

DevBook Image2

DevBook Image3

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DevBook Image5


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