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The D programming language is not a corporation

Time for a short rant related to open source projects.

I just went to the D programming language forum. There was not one but two posts instructing D Programming Language, Inc. to change it's business strategy.

First there was this:

This is a huge market and the largest number of user groups ever. D core team should take mobile serious and provide basic support.

What does that even mean? They should put together a team of paid developers to conquer the mobile development market? There are no paid developers, only volunteers working on their own stuff.

Then this:

no one on the D team is competent enough with Windows to make it work with the default expected value

That might be true, but these are volunteers, most of whom don't use Windows as their main desktop. Windows developers aren't willing to volunteer to do the work for their OS of choice. Complain to them, not "the D team" that was willing to do the work to make it usable on Windows in the first place.

I see this all the time. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Nobody's paid to work on the D compiler or ecosystem.
  • There's no business going after markets.
  • There's no paid product.

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