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re: Have you used some kind of technique to manage your time? Did you have a place to study or you just studied on the go? Were you involved in some ...

Hi Lautaro, great name btw (if ya don't mind me saying, haha).

Time Management

Ok, really asking the wrong guy here mate, hahaha, still something I struggle with honestly. I often have anxiety about starting things which is almost always worse than doing the thing I'm worried about. Once I do start though I'm usually super productive, especially if it's programming related. Also, if I'm interested and engaged in the subject it helps a lot.

In terms of places I've gone to study, I usually go to the silent area of the library to work in between lectures and practical sessions, I usually find it much easier to focus in a quieter environment where I can sink into my headphones.

Side Projects

Alright, this one I can give a bit more insight on, haha. During the year I attended a hackathon being run on the campus, me and my friend Nathan started making a stupid Raspberry Pi game that unfortunately didn't work fully due to a latency issue. We have since resolved this issue using an arduino instead, we plan to finish this project as part of... my next side project!

The second side project I've been involved with this year is a collaborative podcast/blog with the same friend, Nathan. We're almost done working on the website and hope to launch in the coming weeks. Drop a follow if ya wanna stay tuned for that one 😉.

Coding Background

I went into the degree with about 2 and a bit years of programming experience in and a splash of Python. I have found this to be highly beneficial to me this year as its meant that instead of having to try and wrap my head around all the fundamental concepts for the first time, I've been able to focus on maximising the amount of marks I can get on each programming assignment. There's been a fair bit of room for this in the course as it facilitates both people that have done CS before and haven't. There's always been a "challenge" feature for an extra marks boost for those more experienced to attempt.

Well done for getting through the first year too, my friend, it certainly has been a wild ride for me too, a lot different to how I expected but definitely a fun and fulfilling experience.

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