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Discussion on: Fun with Feature Flags

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baileyjs78 • Edited on

I agree that feature flags should be treated as a class, not a static or magic string. It makes deleting (cleaning up) them so much easier. In my opinion, the technical debt of deleting old flags is the biggest draw back for their use, however I still think it is worth it.

I've been part of a team working on an open source feature flag management project with a UI (think of a simple launch darkly, for free). We are in the process of simplifying the code base (remove sql, use core 3) right now. This has allowed our non developers (management, qas) to manage feature flags without having to have access to code.
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Sean G. Wright

Thanks for the link - I'm gonna check this out.

Btw I think you typod the URL, it's missing an 's'

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Thanks, I fixed it