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re: The fact that many people are doing it this way doesn't make it ideal. We have a lot of examples through history of people doing strange things, ju...

Yeah you're right, we're not going to get anywhere with this conversation - you are arguing philosophical ideals now and have diverged very far away from the original question.

I also think Python is the best among all popular ones currently.

If you asked: "what is the best floor for a kid to learn to walk?"

I would say: "a flat floor, smooth, maybe just a bit soft"

That doesn't mean the kid won't fall along the way, hit the floor many times before being able to stand still first.

Learning is difficult by nature. A beginner will fall. Will experience some frustration. Will have to face his own immaturity.

So, for programming, python is that floor. Sure, pip isn't perfect. But it's like if the other languages weren't even a flat floor, so it's better to compromise with pip that mess with the other stuff right from start.

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