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How to create strong LinkedIn profile: step by step guide (1/2)

Here are a few pointers to help you build your LinkedIn account more quickly. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn page, the first step is to join and establish a LinkedIn profile.

Signing up for LinkedIn
You may join LinkedIn by visiting the company’s official website ( It is critical that you join up for LinkedIn as a person, not a corporation, since only a person can have a LinkedIn profile, whereas companies have company profiles. If you mix things up, some users may request that you be removed.

Log in to your LinkedIn account
You may sign in using the information you used to register. LinkedIn includes all of the online convenience features you’d expect: lost password, recall password, and so on.

Select a profile photo.
Choose a profile photo that shows you as you are in real life. The image should be in high definition, with a resolution of at least 400x400 pixels.

It’s your LinkedIn page, not a team shot, so be alone in your photo!

Selecting a backdrop image.
A suitable background image is required for a successful LinkedIn profile. The image should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, with a resolution of 1584x386 pixels.

Don’t leave it empty! Instead, choose an image that expresses the mood of who you are and what you do. You might have a background that expresses sentiments that are spontaneous, dependable, and predictable. Your workplace, corporate image, and service may all be shown (presented as an experience).

Use a catchy headline.
The headline of a LinkedIn profile is the most visible alphanumeric data.

This field may be about more than just your areas of knowledge; it may also be about what you provide, what talents you have, and what your specializations are. In this field, use strategic keywords.

It’s a good idea to define oneself in at least 120 characters. Consider this: you will appear in the search results for the terms in your headline.

The summary (about) should be about you and not about your workplace. Make it personal. Make it about you, not only about your skills! Try to describe yourself in your own words!

We assembled a few summary samples. Click on the text to enlarge them!

Professional experience
Upload at least your last three places of employment! If you have fewer but more job titles, list them all one by one! It is recommended that you fill out the mission field since there is where you may describe what your particular responsibilities were in a certain job.

Include just your top qualifications. LinkedIn can assist you in selecting a school. List all of your degrees in reverse chronological order if you have more than one!

When you select a school, your LinkedIn profile will be immediately added to the LinkedIn group for that school.

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