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Discussion on: What do you do to relieve workplace anxiety?

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Bartholomew Allen • Edited on

Do you have any good resources you can point me to for this? (Stoicism and Trichotomy of Control) or even books too!

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If you want an overview of many of tools of the Stoic philosophers, I'd start with . It covers the ToC as well.

If you fancy diving deeper into Stoicism, I'd checkout the source material starting with:

  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  • Discourses by Epictetus

Stoicism isn't providing (just) a framework to deal with anxiety and stress but also with general misfortune in life. It provides a way to gradually build your resilience and perspective of the world so you endure during the "bad sagas" as I like to call them.

Happy reading!

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Christopher Barosky

Yes! I'd also suggest The Daily Stoic podcast for a succinct, daily dose of Stoic philosophy. Occasional long-form interviews, like a recent with Guy Raz.