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Perseverance goes a long way my friend! Don't give up a job will call you back trust me and its all about timing! My advice is always make sure to keep an eye out for brand new job postings than ones that have been posted for weeks. Also make sure to apply to all jobs regardless if its beneath you a learning experience is much more valuable than being put into a sink or swim project and your out of a job in 3 months.

I found my first job through my university and decided to apply right away because at the time I was a dishwasher and I wanted to finally get a job related to my major plus better pay. The job required some knowledge of basic web development fundamentals which I taught myself the summer prior. Always make sure to teach yourself skills that are in demand and most companies need!

I think you should research what's in demand and try becoming proficient in that and apply to those jobs where not many people have that skill! For instance learn Docker or DevOps tools which are valuable and in demand!

If you need more information please feel free to reach out through messaging!

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