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Looking beyond the pay (my opinion)

In today's day in age the rising of software engineering has become high in demand and more competitive than ever. Everyone in the Computer science space fights for jobs and others work hard to work anywhere they can for experience.

One thing I've noticed in myself and others around me is that people within the computer science realm have this notion of seeking top companies that pay a huge starting salaries and then brag to others as if it’s a competition to obtain the highest salary job out there. I don't know why but it's gotten to me a few times since most people look down on others for not getting into top companies or getting high salaries. This shifted my thinking to look into looking at companies only for the pay and not really much else. This type of thinking isn't ideal and shouldn't be for everyone else.

I was talking to a supervisor recently about how looking for the highest salary isn't always everything in a company. Looking at the impact, the company brings to the world and seeing how your software or solution could potentially impact others is a more meaningful way to assess whether or not your time with a company will be valued.

Obviously there are software companies that do low ball software developers and that's not okay but there are many companies that I've seen where the pay is substantial but the atmosphere is like having a second family. That to me has more value than having a 6 figure income right out of the gate. I am a person who works hard starting from the bottom then working my way to the top!

That being said the take away from this is to anyone who is hesitant on accepting job offers that start low you should give it a second chance, and you'll be able to value the company better and will have a better chance to grow with time and more experience. (FYI obviously not companies that low ball you but start off fairly decent lol)

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