Stupid Short: Bash's |, >, >>, <, 2>>, 2> Operators

Pierson Brannan on September 14, 2019

This is meant to be a stupid-short introductory and reference guide for quickly understanding these Bash operators: &gt;, 1&gt;, &gt;&gt;, 1&gt;&gt... [Read Full]
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Here's one more I'm using sometimes:

$ call-foo > out_and_err.txt 2>&1

So here I'm redirecting STDERR to the address of STDOUT, which is a file called "out_and_err.txt".


I think that in recent bash and zsh, one can use

call-foo &> out_and_err.txt

This is my favourite "shut up, I don't want to see any output, even if it fails, just do, or don't do, the thing" shortcut:

call-foo &> /dev/null

I would've done call-foo > out-and-error.txt 2> out-and-error.txt; I've never heard of 2>&1 or &>. Very cool! Thanks for that!

What would be a practical application of print stdout and stderr to the same file?


Openssl prints diagnostic info to stderr and certificate info to stdout. If you want them both in the same filter stream, &> is very handy. Or if you want them all in the same single log file


Another one people don't seem to use much is >| which will overwrite a file even if noclobber is on.


Makes truncating a breeze! |> logfile.log


Another really useful redirection-related BASHism: <( ):

Useful if, say, you want to check to see if a local file and an S3-hosted file are the same:

$ sha256sum <( aws s3 cp s3://BUKKIT1/file - ) ./file
d20c7a50c3ac734230b08dbe2cb9122634c2dd040eee56ebd8101bef455dbb88 */dev/fd/63
c204dbfa154fc4801bdaac298584815bbd1b4a968a2349dd17f1e7c459904d41 *file

Similarly, can be used for things like diffing two streams:

diff <( aws s3 cp s3://BUKKIT1/file - ) <( aws s3 cp s3://BUKKIT2/file - )

I never looked these up before, though I use most of them almost everyday 😁

Thanks Pierson!

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