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Banesa Guaderrama
Banesa Guaderrama

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Coding Bootcamp – About to finish… or, about to start!


I have had a busy time over the last five month trying to keep motivated not just to complete every single project the best I can, but to really understand what am I doing, time has fly and even though I am in the last weeks and about to complete the program, I am realizing that I am not about to finish but about to start.

About to start

… yes! About to start coding by myself without the support and instruction of my Instructors and TAs … about to start looking for a job position where I can apply what I have supposed to learn over this past months and the remaining of the time I will be in the bootcamp… just one more month that seems long as I feel physically (and mentally) tired … but at the same time it looks that is not enough time to start planning and completing my final project.

About to finish


I can not believe how quick the time went and I feel panic of thinking that I need to be ready to start doing things by myself while the end of the bootcamp approaches. I know, that once the bootcamp finishes I will need to pick up my notes, clean up my code, re-read assignments and re-do some others, read topic related books and blogs, and look for additional resources to keep myself learning.

I am happy I decided to start this journey and I am happy I did not give up when I felt overwhelmed because I learned a new set of skills that allows me to create . And, I did it in the best time of my life.

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Mike Wheaton

Congratulations! 🎉 While it is a new beginning, make sure you acknowledge and celebrate all of the work that went into completing the bootcamp. Doing that is proof that you can take on the next set of challenges, moving forward to bigger and better things.

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Banesa Guaderrama

Thank you Mike! You are right... time to celebrate and move forward to bigger and better things!