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Banesa Guaderrama
Banesa Guaderrama

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Coding Resolutions 2019


Happy New Year!!!

This year my resolutions are different than other years, this year I have coding and programming resolutions. Its is important for me because I feel I have not dedicated the time as I should, so this is a great time for me to reconsider and reorganize my daily activities, specially related to programming.

1.Don’t be lazy

Code more on my free(no-coding) time.

2.Get more familiar with new programs

Keep an eye and some practice in a new programming language, framework, or library – it always helps to get out of comfort zone.


Be patient with myself when coding is not rendering as expected, look through the different variables, step by step, without hesitation. And, be patient with others that can require from your help since I have been blessed with more than user an additional pair of eyes over my code when it is not working as intended.

4.Be aware of poor code practices and avoid them

This is a resolution and a best practice that will save me from a non-working code.

5.Network, mentor, and assist

Is important to grow your network, you never know when you will need the help of someone in your field, mentor and assist others since it is not just a way to support others, but it will keep your skills refreshed and up-to-date.

That’s my 2019 coding resolutions and since I have a bad history of keeping resolutions, I will start with just five.

I can do this.

What are your resolutions? Happy New Year!

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Peter Witham

Happy New Year Banesa,

Great resolutions, thanks for sharing, you can do it!

This year I have set myself a goal of improving my code testing, this is an area that I know I should focus more on, but have given myself too many excuses to put it off. So I have decided that every project I write this year will have tests.

For me, this mostly revolves around using the tools in Xcode, but I also plan to explore testing for other platforms that I have occasion to use.

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Banesa Guaderrama

Happy New Year Peter,

How it is possible I omitted testing???

I think setting yourself with the goal of testing your code will save you time and prevent bugs in your code. Also, Unit testing is an essential instrument in the toolbox of any serious software developer. Great resolution!!!

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Peter Witham

Absolutely, if I cannot say I do something then it will be hard to convince my team to do it. Live and learn by example :)