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Discussion on: Why I don't use web components

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I think the fundamental problem is still that we cannot distinguish real market value of a trend VS devloid media. This waste of resources applies to almost everything that is open-source.

An average developer once gets bored of his job and tries to make money out of his or others "invention" (framework) starts blogging-presenting-wrappinginbuzzworkd etc. about it.

This leads to the attention of large companies which use it as a vehicle to attract cheap workforce. Then this big company makes a community to belive that the "invention" is open source and is for greater good.
However, under the hood the community is working on the product of the company that is only somewhat relates to the "invention".
The funniest thing is when the trend is being pushed by another boring member like callback->rxjs for even adding two numbers->lets do toPromise instead->async await! I mean what?

So I think when we realize that something is revolving around such idea we can denote it as a faken-source bullshit which is about the 99% of whats happening right now.

The only problem is with that we are getting vendor-locked in and not in control anymore of what we do and we are forced to spend 50% of our time doing version tracking and updating our applications.

It's like inventing the f*****g hammer each time we hit the nail.