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Discussion on: Why do you use React?

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Bartmr • Edited

You can do stuff pretty quickly in React and Redux in now time. More faster than Angular because Angular is split in several modules and its own workflow. React can be used however you like it. You can even have normal HTML pages with sections made in React. The thing is, with experience, you will always find better ways to do stuff. The first one will problably be "Holy sh**, if I had made my app in way A instead of way B, changing to server side rendering would be a single line of code".
It's been two years since I started developing apps and webpages with React from scratch, and I always find new ways to make better and more easily editable code. Starting with React is easy. Being a pro and doing changes like it's a photoshop document, that's the hard part. To summarize my opinion, here's a meme.