What do bloggers get from reading other people's blog ?

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What do bloggers get from reading other people's blog ?

I just started blogging lately, Tech blogging is kinda of life goal for me and i want to get better at it.

I set a goal for myself to read 5 articles per day to familiarize myself with writing and get experience and inspiration from other writers.

Sometimes i don't feel like reading and i just skim through the 5 blogs to convince myself i am still on track.

I just wonder how important is it.

I suppose i just have to read them even if i dont feel like it to get better at writing.

Anyway, How do you guys feel about this ?

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I also blog but only because I'm that budding developer that learns through writing tutorials, among other stuff. I read blog entries but without the daily goal, it's just situational for me.

As for the question indicated by the title of this post, I also have the same thoughts as yours: the experience and the writing. How you improve your writing from referring to other examples is a matter of what, how, and why. For example, in what niche or type of content are you making or how will you use what you've observed from other writers.


Yeah totally agree, also when English is not the first language. reading articles becomes super important to see people's writing style.


Exactly! I'm still reading technical posts (from Flavio Copes, Code the Web, and Wes Bos for example) so that I can see how they explain a concept in a concise manner and how they transition between each point in their post.


If the material or topic or theme of the blog are interesting for YOU, you won’t have to force yourself to read.

For example, I get caught reading (and rereading) articles from daedtech.com. And they are not short either. It doesn’t matter because I enjoy the content.

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