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My first docker stack deployment

This is my first post, so I thought I would fill it with a first. I first started using Docker in October of 2018. I was pretty lost but had a lot of help from colleagues and online tutorials etc. I'm proud to say that this week I was able to:

  • build a multi-stage docker file that creates a base image with dependencies for building a static front end with a d3.js visualization, builds that front end and data (another image), and ships it (the front end) to an nginx image for consumption

  • ship the image to a remote vm and deploy it in a docker service stack with health checks. It actually works!

This is a big step for me, having been clueless on docker just a few months ago, and very often confused at what to do. I was lucky enough to have good guidance and resources and feel a lot more confident at using the docker service stack.

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