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I have some tools to add to this list:

  • Be Focused Pro: Pomodoro timer for both mac and iOS. Also has sync, reporting, multiple tasks. Works pretty well and has no subscribing cost.
  • Dash (Mac/iOS), Zeal (Linux): Documentation browser for loads of stuff (programming languages, libraries, frameworks). Works pretty fast and very readable.
  • Quiver or SnippetsLab: Code snippet notebook with markdown notes. Store your most re-used code snippets with documentation.
  • Magnet: Linux desktop managers have magnetic corners and auto resizing, but macOS lacks this feature. To enable, use Magnet. Organize your windows pretty neatly and fit many stuff into a single desktop. Work dense.

Thanks! It's a valuable addition to the list.


This guy knows, the only one that i don't have is Dash in my mac.

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