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Discussion on: Wordpress Sucks. Let's Switch to Static Site Generators!

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Bayu Angora

Agree about default WordPress is bad for SEO. Even their default permalink is ugly one, not readable as title post slug. That's why we have to configure it manually or with plugins help to make it easier.

I'm active on WordPress for long. Though I'm with static site generator for now, but I will not forget WordPress as a hero. Even I'm still active as a moderator at WordPress Indonesia. Enjoy with worldwide community on WordCamp. And more.

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Glenn Paquette Author

Sounds awesome! I think WordPress has been a gateway for developers. You can start making sites with no coding knowledge, then you get more and more familiar and learn more and more coding. Eventually, some of us move on to work with other frameworks and languages, but we would never have gotten there without starting in WordPress. After years of WordPress, I'm just ready to move on to something else. :)

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