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The issue here is that Sublime is more "Text Editor Plus" and VS Code is "IDE Lite". They aren't exactly comparable; at least not the way people seem to want to IMHO. One is a text editor the other is not.

The quality of life you get with VS Code is something I don't think enough people put enough thought/stock into.

Bottom line is use what you want to use; what works for you. We really should stop trying to directly compare VS Code to Sublime. They are both VERY good tools but they definitely are not the same "class" of tool.


I don’t think any editor is exactly comparable because they each have their own goals. However, most developers pick one to use the majority of the time they are coding. In that sense, Code and Sublime are comparable and it’s important to write about strengths and weaknesses of each so programmers can decide for themselves what they want to use.

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