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Discussion on: What's your ratio between direct and transient NPM dependencies?

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Barry Low

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Using Svelte/Sapper/Rollup/Cypress/Jest in Lerna/Yarn-workspace monorepo. Many of the dev packages are for linting, transpiling, bundler plugins, etc.

To add more context:

  • In a monorepo, dev dependencies are hoisted to root node_modules:
    • du -sh ./node_modules --> 377M
  • Dependencies in the Sapper app:
    • du -sh ./apps/client --> 8.2M

note: Monorepo used for multiple clients, typescript/express api, and util libs

I've done 0% optimizing, but exporting my Sapper app creates a bundle:

  • 3.3MB
    • Initial render html/js/css: 133kb (uncompressed)
    • Total js files: 620kb
    • Rest is fonts, icons, images, etc.

I'm personally very curious about rebuilding app in react and comparing, but as Svelte is compiled and via Sapper, SSR/code-splitting, etc is out-of-the-box and simpler.

The main contextual takeaway is that at least the bulk of the dependencies are for dev and get stripped away.

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Mike Nikles Author

Very interesting, thanks for sharing and providing so many details.

I use a very similar tech stack, except for Jest. If your repo is public, do you mind sharing the link? Here or via direct message.

My boilerplate monorepo is at Nothing optimized either but it provides the separation of concerns I care about for projects.