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Discussion on: Under the Hood: “Slurping” and Streaming Files in Ruby

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I love the detail here. Thank you. My current problem lies with an attempt to stream in a document to the RubyXL library. The RubyXL::Parser.parser_buffer method to be specific. I have tried a series of different attempts at getting a local file to be read in as a stream as well as an attempt to load a file from a url. Each effort has resulted in a failed attempt and it usually can be traced down into the depths of the Zip library, as the .xlsx file format is really a glorified .zip file. -->

Zip::File.open_buffer expects a String or IO-like argument (responds to tell, seek, read, close). Found: Fixnum

Based on what you say above, the and IO.sysread return you see anything from afar that would help in diagnosing the situation?