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Discussion on: An Effective Strategy To Learn Vue.js In Less Than Seven Days

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Benjamin James

This is a great article, thanks!

One question I'd like to raise - you mention a lot of the core concepts, and building these into your learning structure.

How do you approach this, particularly when those concepts are often uncovered as a result of your learning, and often are not things that can be prepared for. In this particular section, the article is retrospective. These definitely are the concepts you have uncovered, but if you're talking about planning your learning journey - how would you go about building this list before even beginning?

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Try reading the documentation at
It is said to be the best documentation in the software industry : )
Read the ESSENTIALS a couple of times & practice to see how everything connects.
Also read the best practices & apply them as much as possible.
You can try out vuemastery or vueschool, they're great paid resources
After vuejs learn vue-router -frontend_routing, vuex -state_management, and a UI framework like Vuetify.js for Material Design.